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    As I understand, in a recent interview, a (Programmer?) for the game stated that you wanted to re-create the basics that Minecraft got right, and then build off in a different direction. With that in mind, I’m going to attempt to offer what I can without telling you to make the game just “Minecraft for the 3DS.”

    1) Running
    I assume the game lacked it due to the worlds not being infinite. However, getting around the environment is very tedious.

    2) Crawling
    Crouching is, essentially, Minecraft’s form of not falling off of blocks. Crawling could do that, while also allowing the player to be only one block tall. This is a feature not available in Minecraft that could be a potential defining point in making Cube Creator 3D stand out.

    3) Weather/Effects
    There could be rain/thunder/lightning in the Forest, snow in the Snowlands, and wind in the Desert and Mountains. The only real effect that would take place is the snow, being able to replenish the snow blocks in the world (So long as there isn’t already a snow block in place, as to avoid snow stacking infinitely.

    4) Sky
    The sky colors are beautiful as is, and the shading it places on the world is stunning as well. My only recommendation, other then weather, is slightly more clouds and a sun/moon, so that it looks a little less empty.

    5) Chests/Storage
    While it doesn’t have to be in chest form, a type of storage would be great. I’ve far surpassed the limit of Light/Dark Saplings, Cobblestone, Apples, and Cooked/Raw Bear Meat that you can hold. Chests would also help with my next point:

    6) Furniture
    While building my huge mansion in survival (Which I’ll probably Tweet @BigJohnGames and post on Miiverse when completed), I realized I’m doing it for no reason. Without beds or even chests, there’s literally no reason to build a house, other then for protection. Take this opportunity to do what Minecraft didn’t; implement many various types of furniture, alongside a way to color them. That could be a serious selling point for Minecraft fans that enjoy playing their 3DS.

    7) Multiplayer
    The inability to interact with others, even just by Local Play, is already seriously impacting the longevity of Cube Creator 3D. I imagine this has already been discussed by the developers, but it’s really important. The lack of a solid multiplayer has actually been the downside of many amazing 3DS games such as Fire Emblem Awakening, whereas it’s the only reason some games have sold, like Ironfall Invasion.

    8) Durability
    I believe that I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere (Possibly on these forums); weapons and tools break way too fast. Wood becomes scarce; saplings are difficult to obtain; trees destroy dirt when they’re grown; dirt starts disappearing from the world; and life in the game becomes overall stressful and repetitive.

    9) Leaf Decay
    Leaves floating in midair are ugly and upsetting. The only effective way to remove them (That I’ve found) is to use a shovel, but durability is low and wood runs out and you wind up in the situation I explained previously.

    10) Lights
    Lights aren’t too difficult to obtain once you’ve mined a lot and gathered Mana. But they are an entire block. I’m not sure what to do, but if the developers feel it needs to be fixed, I’m sure they can think of something.

    11) Lighting/Effects
    Lights don’t visibly give off light; the world gets lighter when you get near them. A clever mechanic with one drawback; builds/houses are always dark at night. There’s no light coming through the windows, and trying to look at your work at night looks bad. This really needs to be re-worked.

    12) Projectiles
    The Phantom/Death looking creature (Apologies for not knowing the name) is difficult to deal with when it flies away. You don’t necessarily need to follow Minecraft with bows, however; the Phantom uses some sort of magic, and Mana is in the game. Give us a way to cast different spells as projectiles? We could craft the tomes to use, or craft them and have them forever (No durability) with Mana as the renewable source.

    13) Sound
    The footsteps are a bit too loud, in my personal opinion.

    If I have anything more to add, I’ll do so in the comments. I feel like this is a great game and a must have app for the 3DS, and for it’s original release, shows a lot of creativity and a ton of potential.

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    Some that I forgot:

    14) Reach/Range
    In the Demo, in Creative Mode (I’ve yet to play Creative in the full game) you had a reach around 20-30 blocks, if I remember correctly. In Survival, you can reach 4; 3 at a slight angle. This becomes infuriating over time. Raising it to 5 or 6 would be much better.

    15) Vertical Movement
    While stairs are great decoration blocks, they aren’t necessary in this game do to the ability to climb a block by walking into it. However, some sort of ladder/rope would be great for getting quickly into the air.

    16) Block/Item Output
    Crafting and gathering blocks is often difficult due to the amount you receive. For instance, an entire wooden log gives you only 1 wooden plank, and 1 wooden plank gives you only 3 flames, which isn’t an outstanding process.

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    17) Leaf Harvesting
    As mentioned earlier, an easier way of destroying leaves would be great, but harvesting them would be as well, for my next point:

    18) Flora
    The Mountain area uses leaves as bushes. Harvesting them would be great for decoration, but other flora would be nice as well. Flowers or bushes of different varieties would help make areas like the Forest look less bland.

    19) Water Physics
    Water behaves… weirdly, and can be difficult to control/predict. Again, if the developers feel it needs fixing, I’m sure they’re more than capable of figuring it out.

    20) Enemies/Animals
    The models for this game are well-done and creative for a block-based game. I’m sure that, if the game is supported over time via updates, more will be considered, but it was worth mentioning. Though, there are a generous ammount of creatures in the game as of release.

    21) Blocks/Colors
    As mentioned by another user in the Creative Forum, from my experience in the Demo Creative Mode, there needs to be more color/block variety. This could tie in with the coloring of furniture, as I mentioned previously.

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    I agree with all of this, hopefully BJG will take all our suggestions into account.

    Even if they don’t want to add tints or a lot of items to justify coloring blocks or furniture, we have magic, just add some magical contraption that can change the color of those items by using mana.

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    I agree with every single point on here, and most of these were beyond what I had hoped would be added in the future. Furniture, weather, and more enemies would be great!

    I don’t know about you all, but a hunger mechanic, or something like it, would make the game more realistic. Plus, it would give you a reason to consistently hunt for animals, since they respawn so constantly.

    Also, I don’t think saplings are hard to come by. If anything they grow too fast, so getting necessary wood isn’t difficult. Slowing their growing rate would make the game more realistic and would make getting wood from saplings less cheap. But I do agree that if you plant a sapling in a 1x1x1 hole, it shouldn’t destroy the dirt tile below it.

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    Considering that Mana has been used in a vast variety of ways in many games over the years, there’s certainly a lot of potential for it in Cube Creator 3D.

    In fact, using Mana to change the color of a block would also be an effective way of making this game unique; it wouldn’t use the coloring system that Minecraft uses.

    I also agree that, after just a small amount of time hunting, you’re basically all set for food. The rest of the food you’ll ever obtain is by killing the bears that sneak attack you.

    Saplings are difficult for me to obtain due to the way I harvest them. I’ve used over 1,000 wooden planks on my house alone, not including countless tools/fire. So, I line saplings up, cut the wood down, and then grow more in the same place. The issue is that I have way more diamonds then dirt at this point (Due to dirt destruction), and I have to spend 10+ minutes destroying the leaves at the end.

    Since I don’t destroy the leaves after every single wood harvest, saplings are a bit more difficult to come by (Destroying the leaves is very tedious).

    April 30, 2015 at 11:36 pm #313

    I see. I farm wood the same way. I set up a dirt patch about 5 blocks below the surface so cutting the leaves would be even easier. I guess if you don’t cut the leaves you won’t find saplings. Unfortunately, seeing floating leaves without a trunk drives me crazy so I have to cut them or it bothers me cuz it looks weird. XD

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    Growing them slightly underground is actually a great idea; thank you!


    22) Vision/POV
    The game feels like it’s slightly too far zoomed in. Looking around, walking, and mining feels awkward and actually hurts my neck when I play too long from straining.

    May 2, 2015 at 4:29 pm #315

    You’re welcome! 😀
    You still have to fill in the dirt blocks the trees destroy, so I hope that’s changed.

    Would ramps/sloped blocks work in this game? Because I think that would work great for roofs and maybe a substitute for stairs if they don’t appear here. I also think they should only be crafted items and shouldn’t occur naturally in the wild. But that’s just me.

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    Yeah, it would be nice to be able to do stairs or slopes to make roofs and stuff, but I can see how it would be hard to implement them properly.

    May 3, 2015 at 5:22 pm #319

    I could see it being difficult, but considering the animal/enemy models aren’t blocks, they could probably do it if they wanted.

    Besides, it’d definitely stand out above Minecraft.

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    I should mention this, due to it’s weird nature;

    23) Diamond Blocks
    You have to turn Iron/Gold Ore into Iron/Gold Blocks in order to use them. Probably skipped the ingot phase to avoid similarity with Minecraft. But with Diamond, you use them naturally, and turning them into blocks renders them essentially useless. It’s just rather inconsistent.

    May 11, 2015 at 10:11 pm #342

    24) Vertical Sight
    You’re unable to look directly up or directly down in this game. It’s not a huge issue, but it makes building complicated.

    25) Saplings in Creative
    Building trees in Creative Mode is challenging. Being able to place and grow saplings would be very helpful.

    26) Flight Speed
    Like walking, flying is really slow, and it’s extremely complicated to travel worlds.

    27) Glass Visibility Range
    If you get too far away from a Glass Block, it completely disappears. It’s difficult to see builds at their best when windows and portions of them disappear.

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    squeamy _cat

    I agree with everything you’ve said!! although most of the stuff you’ve added later on seems a bit moot to me, I seriously hope BJG will take these ideas into consideration!!!

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