1.3 Ideas

  • July 13, 2019 at 10:08 am #444

    If (hopefully) the devs are still working on this game, I would love a 1.3 update! And here is some ideas:

    1st: Settings, We need them! Mostly 2, FOV and Sensitivity. I think the FOV in the game is jacked, you can barely see anything! An FOV slider would be great! Another slider for Sensitivity would also be great, I think the camera moves too fast and you miss the block that you were aiming at. One, but not needed change is a control section, where you can manually change controls.

    2: Decoration, It’s a nice add to any sandbox game! Flowers, grass, beds, furniture, and things like that would be great but One of the most important things to add is torches. Made from one wood and one log, and it would give you 6 of them. But along those lines

    3: Crafting fix and UI change, Crafting wood is jacked, you need lots of wood if your going to build buildings, so can you please up the wood exchage, maybe to 4 instead of 1? Also, The UI for Crafting is bad and mixed up, this can be fixed with a furnace and bench block, so you can craft certain items on those instead of your inventory.

    4: peaceful, Peaceful mode Is something I need! Basically, no hostile creatures will spawn, and that would be nice!

    I love this game and I really want a 1.3 update! Please work on it, it would be nice!

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